• Kendall Jackson + Mangia!

    Kendall Jackson + Mangia!

    A mini bottle of Kendall Jackson with cheese, crackers, Farmhouse Tapenade with a white mini dish and knife. This darling Mangia! Tea towel comes with. We'll finish this gift with a gorgeous bow along with your message on a greeting card. Printed...

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  • Lavendar + Abalone

    Lavendar + Abalone

    This gorgeous gift is great for anyone needing a time out. This authentic abalone shell makes the perfect soap dish for our handmade lavendar bar. Lavendar bath salts, a candle and face mask are placed in this wooden gift box and finished with a...

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  • Lavendar Relaxation

    Lavendar Relaxation

    This gorgeous set of homemade lavendar soap and bath salts some with a gorgeous abalone shell and a washcloth. Just breath.

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  • Lavende


    Lavande is from central California and their lavender is the best quality we've ever seen. This gift is just exquisite and includes a face mask, hand lotion, candle, lip balm, matches, loose lavendar and a Voss water.

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  • Let's Fiesta

    Let's Fiesta

    Let's parteeeee! This festive bucket is filled with pretzels, cheese, salami, beef sticks and a Mange Michelada. Printed ribbon is available for an additional fee. Due to state laws, gifts with wine or beer may not be shipped to: Alabama, Arkansas,...

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  • Life is Short
    On Sale!

    Life is Short

    Life truly is too short to not drink the good wine! We've included a mini bottle of Kendall Jackson Cabernet Sauvignon, the exquisite Fermin Salchichon, cabernet sauvignon cheese spread, crackers, merlot jam, mini dish, small knife and a darling sign. ...

    $69.00 $64.00
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  • Lotus Flower
    On Sale!

    Lotus Flower

    A luxurious collection for any reason or occasion! This is a pair of Lotus Flower products including a mini soap and hand cream (which is exquisite!). We've added a washcloth and tucked everything into a darling wooden box with a sliding lid. We'll...

    $45.00 $38.00
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  • Mai Tai Party

    Mai Tai Party

    Get ready to kick it up a notch! Add rum this amazing mai tai mix, top it with pineapple and orange juices and you've got the start of a great Mai Tai Party!

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